Breadsmith Inspired Recipes


Perfect for a night of entertaining on the patio or for your next family picnic, these Antipasto-Stuffed Baguettes are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Make them ahead of time and you’ll be able to relax before your big event!

These Baguette Melts provide a wonderful contrast in texture. Savor the golden, crunchy crust and the soft, melted cheese topping. Pair them with your favorite Sauvignon Blanc!

When served with fondue, these savory French Bread Crusts resemble an inside out grilled cheese that your whole family will enjoy.

Use Breadsmith’s flavorful Croutons to make this twist to a Southern classic. Fried Yellow Tomatoes also make a great summer lunch when served with a petite green salad.

Perfect for informal entertaining or snacking! Combine a golden, sliced French Baguette from Breadsmith with creamy cheeses, herbs, and vegetables to make this winner!

A quick Northern Italian dish that is sure to please! Pair it with a bottle of Prosecco and you’ve got a wonderful appetizer for last minute entertaining.

The ultimate hor d’oeuvres! Full of flavor, this Gorgonzola Crostini recipe highlights the natural nuttiness of freshly baked bread.

When paired with your favorite Pinot Grigio, this recipe for Herbed Bean Spread with Baguette Toasts sets the table for an unforgettable meal. Prepare in advance and assemble the day of your event for great results!

A French classic comes to life thanks to the flavorful addition of our Croutons. Ideal for a winter holiday dinner, serve this decadent appetizer with a juicy steak and a bold red wine.

Your friends and family will cheer for this winner! Serve warm with an ice cold IPA or your favorite craft beer for a memorable weekend afternoon treat.


Make this decadent recipe when you want to truly impress your guests. Perfect for a sophisticated brunch or Mother’s Day celebration, this breakfast dish can be served with your favorite bottle of Champagne.

Weekends were made for mouthwatering breakfast dishes like this! Top with a touch of real maple syrup and your kids are sure to ask for more.

Ideal for a Sunday morning brunch or to celebrate Father’s Day, this recipe combines several familiar ingredients into a mouthwatering dish the entire family is sure to enjoy. Try it topped with sour cream or served with freshly squeezed orange juice.

There’s something for everyone to savor in this tantalizing breakfast dish. Let its sweet aroma fill your home as you bake this made-ahead dish and top it with your favorite fresh fruit.

Perfect as the centerpiece to your next weekend brunch or a breakfast item to share with others, this overnight soufflé uses our made from scratch Ciabatta as the foundation for a delectable dish. Top with your favorite hot sauce for additional spice and heat.


A wonderful combination of flavors come together, enhanced only by an assortment of fresh vegetables from your local farmers market. Pair with an IPA or glass of Riesling at your next event.

An incredible dip to give thanks for! Use a creamy, young goat cheese for the best results when making Goat Cheese Dip this fall.

A wonderful treat to offer moments before kickoff, this mouthwatering dip is sure to become a fan favorite in your home. Raise a toast with an ice cold cocktail or craft beer while cheering on your favorite team.

Main Courses

When topped with your favorite toppings, our Pizza Dough provides a world of culinary opportunities. For best results, follow these recommendations for preparing your dough.

Warm up on a cold winter day with this mouthwatering classic. Our made from scratch French Baguettes add a wonderful, yet simple, flavor your entire family is sure to enjoy.

Welcome to a new family favorite! Perfect for a busy family on the go, combine this delicious dish’s familiar ingredients ahead of time when dinnertime schedules are hectic.

This traditional Italian Bread Soup recipe is sure to inspire! Enjoy it as a warm fall lunch or pair it with a bottle of Sangiovese as a made-from-the-heart dinner entrée.

Everything is better with fresh tomatoes, including this take on the traditional Italian “working man’s” lunch. Serve with a fresh loaf of Ciabatta or fresh greens salad.

This Greek dish blends a wonderful combination of bold flavors into an ideal entrée for your next family dinner. Celebrate the arrival of Spring by pairing it with a raised glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Side Dishes

Fall is in the air with this Curried Acorn Squash Bread Pudding. Pair with a venison or turkey entrée for best results or substitute butternut squash or pumpkin to create a new fall favorite.

A picture says a thousand words with this savory Golden Baked Onions dish. Enjoy with your favorite glass of wine or craft beer.

This easy-to-make lunch or light dinner option showcases the bold flavors of your ripened home grown tomatoes. Beat the heat this summer by serving it with a crisp, white wine.

Celebrate the season with this Thanksgiving classic! Ideal when paired with turkey or served on its own, your family’s holiday dinners will never be the same again.

Served as a delicious complement to a grilled chicken breast and a glass of Malbec, this French summer salad highlights the fresh flavor of your homegrown tomatoes.


Ideal as a cocktail party dessert, this delectable sweet treat can also be made with Breadsmith’s almond croissants. Serve with a bottle of Rosé to create a wonderful experience your guests will enjoy!

Classically served with crème anglaise, this decadent Chocolate Cinnamon Bread Pudding can be paired with fresh raspberries and served with your favorite Cabernet.

Fresh berries and our handmade Honey White highlight this wonderful dessert. Enjoy a golden summer sunset while you savor this unforgettable dish.

The ideal ending to a fall dinner with friends! Served with a crisp white wine or a dark craft beer, this dessert’s clean flavors are sure to leave you wanting more.

Celebrate the arrival of a new year with this twist on an Italian Panettone. Add dried figs for additional flavor and serve with a glass of your favorite Nebiollo.

What’s not to love about this mouthwatering dessert? When paired with a dry cider, this dish is the ideal ending to a crisp, autumn evening meal or Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family.

Full of flavor and rich color from the combination of fresh berries, this unforgettable dessert tastes even better when made ahead of time. Treat your guests to something amazing!

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