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Dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, freshest gluten free products around.

Why Gluten Free?
Gluten free products are one of the fastest growing segments in food today. From condiments to bakery products, many people are seeking gluten free alternatives rather than traditional items. As your specialty bread shop, we feel an obligation to provide you the highest quality gluten free options around.

Steps Breadsmith takes to make gluten free products safe.
We are conscious of the health concerns people with celiac disease and individuals that are gluten intolerant have. We want our customers to know that we understand people react differently to various ingredients, and we are committed to the seriousness of the gluten free lifestyle.

Our Research and Development department has a working relationship with various celiac organizations that keep us informed about the latest information regarding the gluten free diet. These organizations have assisted us in creating our gluten free product line, which exceeds all requirements for producing gluten free products.

In producing our gluten free line, we require that our gluten free products are not made during normal production hours when we make our everyday products. Our production staff makes it a priority to deep clean their areas to ensure cross-contamination doesn’t occur from our traditional gluten products. Once our gluten free products are baked, each batch is tested with an EZ Gluten Test Kit to ensure that it has passed our standards and exceeds current governmental gluten free standards. If a batch does not pass it is discarded.

Gluten Free Testing
While the legal definition of the phrase “gluten free” varies from country to country, current research suggests that the safe level of gluten in a finished product is less than 0.002% (20 parts per million). To ensure that we stay under 20 parts per million in gluten levels, we test each batch with an EZ Gluten Test Kit. This test tells us that the gluten level is 0.001% (10 parts per million) or less, which far exceeds government standards.

Once a gluten free batch passes the EZ Gluten strip test, it is cooled and then placed immediately into a Breadsmith plastic bag and sealed. We suggest customers set aside the portion they plan on using in the next 24 hours. The remaining portion should be kept in their Breadsmith plastic bag and placed in the freezer to be used as needed.

As you can see, we go to great lengths to ensure our gluten free products are safe for our customers to enjoy. Thank you for your interest in our Breadsmith gluten free products.

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