December 2008
M Magazine - Food & Wine Issue
The Food Lover's Guide to Milwaukee
By Melissa McGraw
A focus on made-from-scratch bread defines Breadsmith, which provides loaves to retail shoppers as well as restaurants and upscale grocers via wholesale partnerships. The first store was founded in Milwaukee, and franchises have since popped up around the area. A stone hearth oven provides a crispy outer crust for country buttertop (a soft white), multigrain, honey whole wheat and rustic Italian. Some sweets are available, like cinnamon claws, muffins, cookies and scones. Apple pie bread sells out daily – it's a spicy, filled variation of country buttertop. Chris Tuschen, son of Wauwatosa owner Tom Tuschen, bakes at least 20 batches of the top 10 loaves per day, for ultimate freshness and full shelves.